Dreams Come True


“Love puts the music in laughter, the beauty in song, the warmth on a shoulder, and the gentle in strong.”

Those are the words written on a mirror in Leon and Jennifer’s wedding at The Edge, Bali.


As Leon walks up the steps leading to the place where the holy matrimony will commence, he reads the sign boards which say “Happily ever after starts here”. He smiles, approaches the altar, and waits for his future wife. Jen, adorned in a beautiful white wedding gown walks slowly towards the aisle. She is stopped by a ribbon stretched in front of her with the words: This is how our story begins. She looks up and sees the love of her life who she will marry in a short moment. Soon enough, with the ocean behind them, Leon and Jen became one.



The theme for this wedding is rustic with Victorian-style touches. The furniture is all in natural coloured wood, even the Victorian mirrors. However, the holy matrimony is dominated by white to signify purity. While for the reception we incorporated lots of greeneries, wildflowers, and moss. We used red, purple, fuchsia, and orange flowers to make it look bold, yet still elegant. Overall the wedding looks like something out of a fairytale while still maintaining that rustic look.



We are familiar with the apple in Snow White, which although poisonous, led Prince Charming to her. The Prince’s kiss lifted the curse because it was love’s first kiss. Because of this symbolism, we placed apples on guests’ tables in the hopes that Leon and Jen will be each other’s cure and happiness forever.


There is a quote from Snow White: Someday I’ll find my love, someone to call my own. We at Butterfly couldn’t be happier that Leon and Jen have found each other in their own fairy tale.


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