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Sometimes couples want to have an outdoor wedding, but due to certain reason they can’t. So, it is up to wedding decorators like us to transform a wedding hall into something that resembles the couple’s requests. We recently turned the ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta into an indoor garden for Okky and Ashley’s wedding.

IMG_1537 IMG_1539 IMG_1546                                    IMG_1554         IMG_1556

                                   IMG_1550         IMG_1548

                                   IMG_1542         IMG_1571 IMG_1569

We filled the place with a lot of greenery starting from the hallway which leads to the registration area. There are indoor trees towering overhead with strands of crystals coming down, turning the corridor into an enchanting forest. The ambience is carried on at the registration area, which is covered by an arch of colourful roses against a backdrop of a leafy wall.

IMG_1660 IMG_1627                                    IMG_1664         IMG_1657

As guests enter the reception area, they go through a long arched corridor made of green leaves. They follow a path of white petals to an indoor forest. However, the hall doesn’t just feel like an ordinary forest, but a beautiful magical land too. As you can see there is a lot of pink: pink draperies, pink canopy, and of course, pink flowers. There are hanging light bulbs which look like fireflies.

IMG_1647 IMG_1634 IMG_1640

We also added a regal touch in the décor by using classical arches and tall pillars. These and the dining chairs are painted gold, which makes them look sophisticated. There is also Victorian-style furniture in the registration area and bridal stage. We wanted the newly-weds to look like royalties.

IMG_1617 IMG_1597                                    IMG_1599         IMG_1594

                                   IMG_1592         IMG_1584 IMG_1575 IMG_1604

Turning an indoor area into looking like the outdoors is challenging, but we are glad to be able to fulfill Okky and Ashley’s wishes. We just want every bride and groom to be able to have a wedding that they want regardless of the place.


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