White Wedding


White has been the main colour for weddings lately. It is usually added with one or two complementary shades. The good thing about white is that it can be mixed with any hue in the world. For their wedding, Valeza and Clarizza requested white and green for the holy matrimony and reception. White can be used to represent the faith and pureness between you and your partner as you embark on a new journey together. Green is the colour of nature, it symbolizes growth and harmony.


The wedding took place in Sky Ayana in Bali. The concept is an outdoor garden party; therefore, the green colour is already provided by nature in the form of grass and trees. We added green foliage in the flower bouquets and centerpieces.


Everything else is in white. The furniture is all white, including the decorations. We used white flower pots, white table cloths, white frames, white lanterns, and of course white flowers. We made two wooden sculptures of the couple’s initials painted white. We put light bulbs on them (Broadway style) so they will light up at night. We placed an arch at the entrance out of white flowers and leaves.


The bride and groom also wanted a bit of rustic touch, so we created the photo gallery with natural coloured wood panels and frames. There are wooden logs and candles as well. To make the wedding more elegant, we added standing chandeliers, mirrored pillars, and crystals.


Valezza and Clarezza’s wedding is actually simple, but because of the colour scheme, it looks sophisticated and elegant. They allowed nature to be part of the décor, and this result in a beautiful wedding. We hope that the newly-weds will keep their faith in each other and grow together in harmony.


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