Celebrating Love in Romantic and Elegant


They were two complete strangers. The girl, Citra, was quiet, calm and cute, and the boy, Ben, was opinionated. They met, fell in love and then realized that they ready to jump in and commit to a relationship. Ben loves to talk to Citra, he protects and supports her. They couldn’t get enough of each other from that day forward. It went unsaid, but they both knew they would get married one day. Long story short, they both finally got married.


When this lovely couple decided to have us decorating their wedding, we’re beyond grateful. They wanted to have a classy and elegant wedding and there are so many reasons to love this concept. Ben and Citra threw two ceremonies to celebrate their love. The first one is a Tea Pai ceremony, the common Chinese tradition where family members gathered and the marry couple pays their tribute by presenting tea in a special cup to the eldest family member to the youngest. This ceremony teaches how marriage should be, that you should work as a team with your partner and you should always respect every family members.



There are many ways to decorate the venue for tea ceremony. With this couple, we wanted to make it simple yet still elegant and pretty. The dominant colors we used are gold and white with a touch of pink from the flower arrangements and blue from the Chinese porcelains. Not to forget the double happiness symbol right in the center. We’re also decorated the other part of the venue which was the pool. We used floating candles and flower arrangements to create a wonderful warm and intimate night scenery.


Next, we moved to the ballroom where the reception was held. The whole decoration was more sophisticated and so romantic, dominated with spectacular flower arrangements everywhere, making it a beautifully breathtaking venue. The main colors were white and pastel pink, definitely reflected the pretty bride’s personality. We also decorated the bride and groom’s car, carrying the same theme of the romantic and elegant by attaching flower arrangements of pink and peach roses.