Bring on the roaring ‘20s!


Everyone must have either heard of, read and/or seen The Great Gatsby. For those that have seen the remake of the movie, you can probably agree that it is aesthetically pleasing. Wouldn’t it be great if a wedding is styled based on the movie? Now that’s something interesting!  

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The Great Gatsby was creating a portrait of a jazz age or a Roaring Twenties. From the style perspective, it encompasses art and romance simultaneously in classy and glamorous look with its black and gold palette.


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For The Great Gatsby inspired wedding, you may want to stick with the colors, but you can also create some things in art deco style too. This will prompt your guests to know what they should be expecting at your wedding reception. Which will be nothing short of class and glamour.

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As for the wedding dress, you can go with chiffon, lace, pearls and tulle elements for a timeless piece. For the hair, you can go with French chignon, finger waves and adorable kiss curls for the stereotypical vintage hairstyle. Hair accessories are also important to tie in the look together such as using beaded headbands, feather fascinators and flat hairpieces.


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When considering how to decorate the wedding venue, you can start off by placing pearls and crystals on tables. It’s all about the sequins so if you’re luckily you may be able to find sequined tablecloth or curtains. You can also use pieces of ornaments from the era such as vintage dinnerware, chairs and etc.  And don’t forget to include lots of beads and feather elements to your wedding décor. As well as incorporating sophistication and allure in every aspect of the party.


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If you decide to go with the theme for your wedding, your guests will most likely be dancing the night away having an ample of fun. As this era was all about frolicking and prancing around in beautiful dresses and striking tuxedos.


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