Shining, Shimmering, Splendid


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Let’s queue in the Aladdin theme song “A Whole New World” for this one. This is what stepping into an Arabian themed wedding could be like for you and your guests if you decide on it. Letting them step into an entirely different world and forgetting where they are in reality for the night. If you wish to create a wedding reception that will stand out, then an Arabian wedding is ideal for you and your partner.


With this particular theme, the aim is to create an exotic and enchanted atmosphere with authenticity. There are plenty of design elements to choose from that will leave you inspired. This theme is about incorporating bold and vibrant hues of pink, purple, blue and green. You can play up the Arabian furnishings by adding lanterns and candles, which will create a striking ambience. Not forgetting to include lots of drapery, cushions, rugs and etc. in the venue of course.


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You could really amp up the stage, if you choose to have one, by making it into a palace fit for the king and queen of the night. Try to picture what Jasmine and Aladdin’s castle would be like, and it’d be just like it. There are really no boundaries for this theme, with so many ways you could go.


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A great form of entertainment would be to invite professional belly dancers to perform a riveting act for your guests. Another idea could be hiring a henna tattoo artist at your wedding reception. This is a fun touch for your wedding guests to remember the night by.


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It’s important to use a big blend of colors, patterns and textures because that’s what the Arabian culture entails. If you choose to go ahead with an Arabian themed wedding, it will be nothing short of exotic and charming. Let your wedding night transport everyone to a state of reverie, bliss and captivation.