One Wedding, Different Styles

Do you know what we love most about Indian weddings beside the vibrant colors? The fact that we can do many different styles for a single wedding. 


Indian weddings usually last for three days. So, that’s about three times more than the usual weddings. It usually also takes place in three different spots (within the same venues) and is usually three times more fun for us!


We like that we don’t ever have to limit ourselves to choosing just one single style. We can do something traditional Indian, with all its elements, for the ceremonies but we can also magically transform the venue and slip into an entirely different feel for another part of the event.


Suraj and Kiran chose some bold colors for their ceremonies, giving the place that vibrant look perfect for an Indian wedding. They also chose pastels to bring a shabby chic atmosphere into the venue for another part of their celebration. (We take some serious pride in those hanging decor and the bird flower arrangement!)


Suraj and Kiran, thank you for trusting us to be a part of your day. We wish you a blessed marriage!





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