Autumn in Udaipur

Autumn was it when we first met
Autumn is it what I can’t forget

Autumn have made me alive
because in Autumn you entered my lifeIn Autumn you came like a summer breeze
I didn’t realize what it is

In Autumn I fell in love at first sight
I knew that everything was alright

In Autumn there was that special dance
I knew our love will not have a chance

In Autumn I was under your spell
Autumn – a secret I will

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never tell

In Autumn you showed me pride
I wish I had never left your side

In Autumn miracles came true
everything I was longing for was you

That Autumn changed my life in many ways
I will never forget those special days

Autumn was it when we first met
Autumn is it what I can’t forget

(Sheila Butterfly)


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