Love Ya, Pumpkin!

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Pumpkins and Halloween always goes hand in hand but it doesn’t have to. Did you know there are so many ways you can incorporate pumpkins into the fall wedding of your dreams? There is so much more to just drawing black faces on them with a sharpie pen. Here are things you can do to spice up your wedding with the fruit.

If you aren’t sure of what to do for your invitations, have you thought about using illustrations. You can easily set the scene for your guests before the big day by showing a few pumpkins on it. You can feature orange and yellow illustrated elegantly by using watercolor for instance.


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When it comes to the main venue walkway, lay out pumpkins in different sizes and colors. You can even empty the insides and put in string lights inside. It will instantly vamp up the venue and turn it into a lightshow wonderland. A fun idea is to have a pumpkin decorating station. You can let your guests write and decorate pumpkins which they can visit when they are mingling around.


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For the tables, you can use little pumpkins as table numbers. Maybe even carve out the numbers and turn it into an organic look? You can even paint and decorate them to suit your style for the centerpieces. Such as carving it out and using it as a vase for the flowers. Or, you could place mini pumpkins for name cards on the tables. But keep in mind, you could choose either one the table could end up looking too heavily dosed with pumpkins.


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Another thing you can think about doing is incorporating pumpkins into your menu. You can feature pumpkins as a side dish or even use it as a bowl for soups like creamy pumpkin.

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These ideas are just a snippet of the possibilities of using pumpkins for your wedding. Have fun incorporating this into your wedding.


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