Blissful Autumn


If you have ever wondered to yourself, “What is the most romantic season?” it would probably have to be autumn because of the warm colors and not to mention the weather best accompanied with cuddles. Autumn is also the perfect décor for a wedding. Just because you don’t live in a country with all four seasons does not mean you can’t embrace it. Let’s take a look at the ways you can create a fall wedding.

Orange and yellow are almost always synonymous to a fall wedding but it doesn’t have to be, unless you are into that. You can come up with other color palettes by mixing pastels with jewel tones such as deep blue with a softer blue. For your bridesmaids, you have a ton of options. If you want to go the warm route, you can pick out colors such as blackberry purple or plum. If you prefer to go with lighter colors how about neutral tones such as cream or gold.



When choosing the stationeries for your invitations and the overall design of your wedding, go with motifs like leaves, trees, apples and pinecones. And for a subtler tone, pick natural materials such as brown Kraft paper, twine and etc. for a country look.


For the flowers, pick classic ones like roses, gerberas and dahlias accompanied by rustic touches such as acorns and oak leaves. Incorporating fruits and berries into the bouquets is also great to tie in the look perfectly.

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If you don’t want your wedding to look like the textbook definition of autumn, don’t include orange pumpkins. It can end up borderline looking like a Halloween party. You can still incorporate pumpkins but consider painting it other colors.



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Another piece of wedding décor that will tie up the look are leaves. And the best thing about that is leaves are inexpensive! There is so much you can do with them to make a high impact décor such as using it like flowers walls throughout the venue.


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There is something fascinating about autumn’s ability to pull lovers closer together. Getting married under the fall theme will definitely be a great beginning for a warm, happy and intimate marriage.