Inspired by the seasons

“Which theme colours would you like?” is probably the most frequent question asked to any of our clients. And “Hmmm, which colour is best? Can we leave that up to you?” is the most frequent response we’d get.

The decision for colour scheme for a wedding is important because colours has the power to set the vibes to your wedding day. It’s important that you choose wisely. The colour choice is, of course, entirely up to you. However, we do understand the challenge you may face in choosing a particular hue, because well… there are just too many pretty colours to choose from!

The best is always to start with your favourite colour. Is there a shade you particularly love? Is there one particular colour that you’re mostly drawn to?

Or, what we always love to recommend is to consult the seasons. They’re always such a great decor inspiration. Fortunately for us, the tropics are constant, and every season will seem enchanting to us at any given time. Take a look at some of our creations that were inspired by the seasons.


Spring is filled with sweetness. A new beginning marked by sweet pastels.

Summer brings with it some bright colours and a sentimental rustic feel.

There is always something heartwarming about the brown and orange hues of Autumn.

Magical whites of Winter.

Which colours have you dreamed about? Here is a little friendly advice: whatever color you choose, take into account the venue at which your wedding will take place. Most of all, have lots of fun choosing!



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