Wedding chairs


Choosing the rights chairs can make a huge difference in your wedding total look. Chairs do enhance the flair and the style of your wedding. Surely chairs shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s our two cents on finding the right style of chairs to best fit your wedding. 

Nowadays, there are a vast variety of chairs to choose from in the wedding market. The choices are quite overwhelming but adds the fun in the choosing. The Chiavari chair is probably the most popular style. It’s not only classic but it also comes in several colors and is very versatile to be placed both indoors and outdoors, in formal or even casual settings.


The Chiavari chair is also easy to decorate. You can hang small framed black board signage on the back side of the chair, or write down “Bride” and “Groom” in chalk-handwritings to customize the special chairs for the happy couple.


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The Bentwood chair is another classic option that can be used for outdoor venues like gardens to enhance the rustic feeling while giving the sophisticated look at the same time. You can tie some vine leaves on the back side of the chair along with the signage that state something special from the heart and that would be perfect for both bride and groom.


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If you prefer chairs that more formal, elegant and French-style, upholstered chairs could work, especially for vintage shabby-chic weddings. These kind of chairs have pretty design both from the front-view or the back. The curved shape should be visually seen so you don’t need to add too much decoration hat might cover its shape up. You can hang enough vine leaves with roses and put up the signage. Even that would be enough to enhance the look.


Chairs are an essential part of wedding decoration. Even when they are the last people would think about, they cannot be taken for granted. It’s a good thing to start giving much thought of your wedding seating ideas. Good luck on finding the perfect chairs for your wedding. But most of all, have fun choosing!




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