Oh My Jars!

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Long time ago, mason jar was used to preserve foods, which is still used for that particular function nowadays. But mason jar is not an ordinary jar. Its signature look is like a beauty in disguise. Add a little bit of this and that, and you can have a beautiful jar for your party decoration. Here are some tips and tricks to use mason jars for your special day; from ordinary to jazzy!

Using mason jars for centerpieces? Sounds like a great idea. Make it jazzier and more unique by filling your mason jars with slices of fresh lemons first. Because when life gives you lemons, make ’em centerpieces!

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No one likes to be lonely, so does your mason jar. Put a used wine or whisky bottle together with your mason jar for your centerpiece. Fresh lovely flower is a must too.

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Mason jar can also be used for your aisle decoration. Just put some fresh flowers into it, and hang it on your holy matrimony’s guest chairs. Plus, you can use it again after the ceremony as your dining table centerpiece.

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Add customized texts, dried flowers, and some tea lights, add more creativity, arrange them and you get a corner decoration for your party. Easy as pie, but lovely as it can be.

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Photo in jar? Why not? Put or stick your photo into the jar, and you now have a stand-out photo frame for your photo gallery. Here some more idea, stick your photo at the outside part of the jar, put a tealight in the jar, and you now have a glowing photo frame. Isn’t it lovely?

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Transparent could be boring, but we can always paint it. The matte effect

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is surprisingly perfect for your party lighting slash decoration. Add some laces as an accent to add some romantic ambiance.

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Share some love to your guests by giving them customized mason jars as a wedding favor. Make it a lovely reminder of your special moment.

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Fill the jar with what it is supposed to be filled: foods. But in a more fun way, for sure. Fresh colorful drink or cake-in-jar treat for the guests will take mason jars to the new level.

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