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Can you think of the only person whose style is equally timeless and still remain as the ultimate style icon of the century? That’s right. It’s none other than Coco Chanel. Through her career, Coco revolutionized women’s clothing. She created a kind of style in a way that is very powerfully modern. The classic black and white palette, menswear-inspired design and simple elegance that look very forward thinking and very dynamic are what made her an iconic designer. Her design exudes style and class and appeared to be timeless often inspired many of us. From the way we dress everyday to the way we style our wedding! Yes, wedding theme inspired by the great designer of all time, why not? Coco once said “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous,” that also could be interpreted as a wedding too! Imagine a classy and fabulous wedding, heavily inspired by Chanel. What more could you ask for?


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When it comes to color palette for wedding, we often think about all colors except the absence of color. But for Chanel-inspired wedding theme, it’s supposed to be only black and white, as Coco refers those two colors as an absolute beauty. Add blushing pink to accentuate the chic-ness just like Coco herself. The décor and favors should go along with this color palette to bring some cohesion to the event, create a whole interpretation of Chanel.


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 Now that you have set your heart on the color palette, it’s time to pay attention to the details. A great designer like “Coco” Gabrielle Boheur Chanel never lost her attention to detail, so you must be meticulous and creative enough to bring décor items and centerpieces together in a way that really represents the her design. Beside the little black dress, Chanel is famous for her striped Breton shirt that became a symbol of haute-bourgeois loveliness. You can use the same stripy pattern into your decoration, for example as the table runner. Just remember that using striped pattern create an optical illusion, so that you should place everything in order and very neat. It’s another way to respect the details, just like Chanel does.


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In flower arrangement department, fortunately this theme gives no chance to do complicated arrangements. Choose one type of flower, in one tone, or two gradient colors that stick to your fixed palette. White roses or dual-toned pink roses in bouquet work great. Short, single stem flower in short clear glass will also work on the table. There are various details you can add to adorn the setting. According to Chanel, elegance and simplicity are inseparable, so use only simple-structured and elegant décor items. From the choice of chair, to small things like vases, plates, tea light holder. If you want to do customized designs based on this theme, you can apply the design of one of the most famous perfumes of Chanel No.5 to your printed stationery, favors, or even to your desert table. Use faux pearls and black ribbon to create an opulent impact on your Chanel look.


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If you’re looking for a theme that is not entirely used up by the world, why not do a classy and fabuous, Chanel inspired wedding?


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