Winter Grandeur

Taking a lot of inspiration from the settings of winter movies – the grandeur of the Snow Queen’s castle, the twinkles of icicles, and the glistening of snow, we brought the magical feeling of winter right into the ballroom of Dua Mutiara Ballroom, JW Marriott especially for Chris and Lydia.

It was clear as crystal from the very beginning that lighting would play a huge role in this wedding design. The colors on the center stage and the arch would define the ambiance, whether cozy or cold, intimate or distant. We’re lucky we have super talented lighting specialists to help us out. The grandeur of winter was so delicately defined in this design.


Another warm touch we personally loved was the hanging bouquet balls with orange-highlighted flower arrangements around the photo gallery. The splash of warm colors really added cozy feeling into the ambiance.


We had a really great time designing this decor for Chris and Lydia. To the beautiful couple, have a marriage much more beautiful than your wedding. Congratulations again!


Much love,



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