An Apple A Day

IMG_4625Aside from sharing the work we did for Rio and Emily’s wedding a few weeks ago, we want to share a little about choosing a wedding theme. We know that we’ve shared this before, but we don’t think that we can ever talk about this enough. So here we go.

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Some of the couples we meet already have an idea for a wedding theme in mind, even before our first meeting. For these people, we would happily hear out their stories and absorb everything we can about what they want. However, sometimes we meet couples who don’t yet know what theme they would like to have for their wedding. For these people, we’d just talk to them to get to know them, because if there’s one thing we love more than the celebration of love itself, it’s wedding that have the couple’s fingerprints on them and one that radiates their personalities.


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We love to tell couples who are still on the fence about their wedding themes to look within them to find it. We tell them to sit down and think about the key aspects that define them as a couple because the best inspiration for a wedding theme usually can be found there. Their personalities, things they like, even things they greatly believe in… anything about them can be the perfect touch to the theme and to be interwoven into the wedding decor. Like what we did for Rio and Emily. Both being doctors and health enthusiasts, Rio and Emily encourages and inspires everyone around them to opt for healthier alternatives and to lead healthier lifestyles. So, why can’t their wedding be the perfect reflection of who they are as a couple?IMG_4629


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Interwoven into the blush pink touches for a more romantic and elegant feel were little encouragements towards the healthier theme. We placed a huge chalkboard wall with the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” (to encourage people to remember, not to drive them away from our happy couple, naturally!) It was something different and out of the ordinary. It was what defined the couple. And we couldn’t love it any more than we already do.

Congratulations again, Rio and Emily!




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