Rustic Goodness

We’ve gotten lots of requests for rustic wedding decor lately. Is it a fad? Or a trend? We think not! Rustic is a style. A wedding style, to be precise. It’s a timeless classic reflection of a romantic soul. We don’t like to be partial to any style, but this one is a favourite here at Butterfly!

So, what is rustic weddings? Rustic is a wedding style that’s signified by natural organics (think bark and trees!), patterns and woodland characteristic details. A rustic themed-decor would be filled with pretty laces and twine and natural textures such as burlap, linen and wool.

What makes for a rustic wedding? Well, a rustic themed wedding would be decorated by elements inspired by barns, farms, and other natural simplicities such as mason jars, handmade wooden signs, moss covered monograms, cowboy boots, fresh fruits and vegetables… we can use just about anything that we can find in a barn or any natural setting. Rustic weddings are defined by the many elements that fill it and the attention to detail to carry it out perfectly.

A rustic theme is best fit for an outdoor wedding, but who’s to say that we can’t move it into a ballroom? Rustic elements add such great personalities into an indoor wedding. It brings the warmth of the sun and the calming sensation of nature inside. It’s so versatile too. It can be applied to a vintage or shabby chic setting, even to a more glamorous or retro feel.

Have you ever dreamed of a rustic wedding? Here is a glimpse of some rustic goodness, Butterfly-style!

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