Forever and a day

She got a friend request on Facebook one rainy day in October 2009. She didn’t know who it was, so she rejected him. There was nothing until one fateful day in December, when he was home on a semester break, they met. She apologised for the declined friend request. He said it’s good to know she’s sane. 

It began with a sushi lunch and a movie. He started to pick her up for regular dates. Until the day he had to go back to New Zealand to finish his studies. They remained friends, but left it at that.

Time passed and they could no longer fight the feeling they had for each other. They are sure that they could do better than be just friends.

She is a girly girl. He is a laid-back beanie-wearing dude. She fills her weekend going out to visit the hippest places in town with her girlfriends. He is happiest when he is at home watching the cooking channel and trying some recipes out over the weekend. She lived here. He lived there. They were different in so many ways, yet they fit perfectly for each other. They were separated by distance and time difference, then by different seasons in life. But nothing seemed to be able to keep them apart.

Just as they were going out to dinner one evening, he casually popped the question and presented her with a ring. The rest is history from then on.

If you asked him, he’d say that she came out of nowhere and into his life. If you’d ask her, she’d tell you that it’s odd but she wouldn’t trade him for anything else in this world. Their road was never smooth, but they made it. He cried as he watched her walk down the aisle towards him. He told her, “it’s you and me against the world, forever and a day.” She said, “forever starts today.”

Raditya and Jovanzka were joined as one on Saturday, 20 September 2014. Friends and families came from all over the world to join their celebration in the Grand Ballroom of the Kempinski Hotel, Jakarta. Their “Autumn in a Barn” theme decor is our new favorite. 

Venue: Hotel Grand Kempinski, Jakarta

Organizers: Eventures


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