The Enchanted Garden

Thematic wedding is still one’s preference to celebrate their big day. Having a unique and customized decoration for that once-in-a-lifetime night could make the moment even more special. Just like Ivan and Gretel’s preference for their wedding night at Bali Room, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta. Artificial bushes and leaves, wooden details, and earthy colors; it was all about chic rustic!

We were so excited to decorate Ivan and Gretel’s Wedding. The earthy touch with the orange, red, and lime green color combination was surely the way to celebrate the night. The foyer was designed as some bushy tunnel with wooden (and wood) details to welcome the guest and give them a sneak peek of what is inside. For the main venue, an enchanted garden was created. With artificial trees, flower arrangements of red, yellow and, green, and fresh mini garden, what could be more stunning than Ivan and Gretel’s enchanted garden?


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