Wonderful Tonight

Something does not have to be complicated to be called

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as beautiful. Most of the time, beauty comes from simplicity. Taking place at Grand Mutiara Ballroom, Ritz Carlton Kuningan Jakarta, simple and beautiful was the words to describe Willi and Lidya’s wedding. The combination of pink, red, and purple did add the sweetness to the whole venue. The color were perfect, the ambiance was lovely, the night was wonderful. Continue reading


Celebration of Love

When two hearts intertwine with the true love vow, it is a call for celebration. For Andrianto and Juliana, it meant a night of celebration with their beloved ones, as they were also the witnesses of their love. Taking place at Pullman Ballroom, Andrianto and Juliana’s wedding was a true once in a lifetime moment, wrapped with the combination of purple and fuchsia to add the sweet yet elegant ambiance. A night to remember it was, something that was really called as a celebration of love. Continue reading


The Enchanted Garden

Thematic wedding is still one’s preference to celebrate their big day. Having a unique and customized decoration for that once-in-a-lifetime night could make the moment even more special. Just like Ivan and Gretel’s preference for their wedding night at Bali Room, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta. Artificial bushes and leaves, wooden details, and earthy colors; it was all about chic rustic! Continue reading


Home Is Where Your Heart Is

As warm and comforting as home, that was love the newlyweds Stefanus and Yosita shared to each other. That was also what we brought to Stefanus and Yosita’s big day. Stefanus and Yosita welcomed their dearest ones to celebrate their wedding day just like welcoming them home. Dominated with white colour, we created coziness. Continue reading