Home Is Where Your Heart Is

As warm and comforting as home, that was love the newlyweds Stefanus and Yosita shared to each other. That was also what we brought to Stefanus and Yosita’s big day. Stefanus and Yosita welcomed their dearest ones to celebrate their wedding day just like welcoming them home. Dominated with white colour, we created coziness.

The guests were invited to the vintage classy house through the main entrance that looked like an English backyard, with bushes and the little lights. Through the backyard, the guests were taken into the house that was dominated with white and more lights.

The trick for the magic was about playing with light. The light gave the ambience of classy elegance all around the hall; from the entrance to the main ballrooom. Some little lights hanging on the ceiling and lots of little lights put around the hall, with some little trees and white flowers. It was all homey; it was all lovely.


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