Love Me, Love My Teddy Bear

What comes across your mind when you hear the words Teddy Bear? Cuteness, sweetness, and loveliness. All were wrapped on Teddy and Sisca’s wedding day. Bringing every little girl’s best friend on the couple’s big day, the special day was full of loveliness. Not only one teddy bear; we invited many couples of teddy bear to the celebration!

At the entrance door, the guests were already welcomed by a couple of cute teddy bear dressed up in white, matched with the decoration that was dominated in white. Nothing could be as perfect as a combination Teddy Bears, white, and red flowers at the main entrance, completed with perfect lighting.

As the guest walking through the entrance door, they were welcomed by other couples of Teddy Bear, as well as a huge picture of the lovely newlyweds hanging on the wall decorated by white roses surround it. Their wedding day is one special day for Teddy and Sisca, but we know there were other special days for them.

We also decorated it with calendars in frames with Teddy and Sisca’s special dates in it, as the couple had requested. “Love me, love my Teddy Bear”, every little girl may say. Little Sisca once had her favorite Teddy Bear, now she has her most lovely Teddy, bounded by pure love and marriage.