Paper Flower Backdrop


Not all brides-to-be are quite aware of how their wedding would look like in frames. Even when the decoration is done beautifully, you will still need to find (or create) the right spot to take photographs. This spot should be treated well, and of course, well decorated as a dedicated place for pictures taken. Continue reading


Book Inspired Wedding Theme


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Once upon a time, two bookworms met and fell in love. They were so madly in love, they were inseparable, and they had one thing that tied them together: their love of books! The bookworms decided to write their own storybook by getting married with a book theme wedding party! Continue reading


For Better or For Worse


What does it mean to be committed in a marriage? We all know the vows that people take as they marry their partners: “For better or worse”. This sentence has been said and repeated many, many times by married couples, however it is also a sentence that is often not taken too literally or seriously. Continue reading


Bali and Rustic


Bali has been the go-to-place for weddings for many people around the world; it is no longer just a honeymoon destination. It has seen Indian weddings, Western weddings, and traditional weddings (many of which we helped to decorate). Continue reading


Entertaining Your Guests in A Fun Way


Wedding is a celebration of love and you want to share the joy with your family and friends. Being a bride and groom-to-be can be overwhelming with all the stress of doing all the preparations, not to forget all the attention to get from others. You want to make this wedding day one of your most memorable, if not, the best day of your life. Everything will be about you and will revolve around you. When the big day comes, you would let your guests witness the two of you be join as one, let the congratulate you, and then what? Continue reading