Four Seasons of Love

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The journey of one season moving to another is always beautiful; waiting for the snow to melt, for the leaves start blossoming and for the flowers to start singing. Dinesh and Timsy’s wedding was nothing short of magical using colors of the four seasons as the main point of their decoration. Continue reading


Whimsical Wonderland


Are you ready to go down to the rabbit hole and have a cup of tea with Mad Hatter? Just follow the rabbit with the pocket watch! Continue reading


Soft and Summery


The soft and delicate feel of pastel colors are what makes it so beloved and popular. What’s not to like about it? Continue reading


Summer is love


Summer is love. Summer is fun. Summer is refreshing. Summer is everything under the sun. When summer time comes, all is possible. Especially when it comes to a summery wedding.

Continue reading


Wild at Heart


Let your wild hearts roam free and explore deep into the African safari. If you’re looking for little fuss and want the laid back vibe for your wedding, why not explore a safari theme? Continue reading