Living the Medieval Fantasy


Every girl growing up watching Disney fairy tale movies must have dreamt about having a wedding fit for a princess with a Prince Charming of their own. Years flew by then came along Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Game of Thrones, which are reminders of the magic and mystery, and castles and princes. Suddenly, that dormant longing from childhood awakes, and a wedding with such theme may not be such a bad idea. So, HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Here are some inspirations for an enchanting wedding. Continue reading


Three Themes and a Happy Couple


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Aakash and Binti are another one of our clients that had an Indian wedding. They celebrated this special event in Conrad, Bali. The three part event, namely sangeet, welcome dinner, and reception, had different themes as usual. Continue reading


Don’t sweat the small stuff, hack it!


What should you do when the venue you got for your wedding is too big or too small? The wallpaper is horrible and the carpet has patterns. The furniture is outdated and everything clashes with your theme. Choose another venue, you say? Well, what if you can’t? Don’t worry. We got some potential problems and some hacks to make your wedding looking like just how you want it.

Continue reading


Love is Blue


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Love from the Deep Blue Sea


Let’s dive into the world of under-the-sea for a moment. Many would agree that they have a soft spot for the sea. How could you not? There’s something so comforting about overlooking the ocean view and tasting the sea salt. It can even make the toughest of hearts smile. Continue reading