Love is Blue


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We made a Chinese style screen with golden frame as a backdrop, which we covered with red roses. We placed Chinoiserie porcelain at the table to make it look traditional and pretty. Lastly, the chairs are tied with golden ribbons. The two armchairs at the front are where the parents of the bride and groom sit while the couple serves them tea.


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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The major theme of Victor and Marina’s Holy Matrimony is definitely blue; royal blue, light blue, and white. To achieve this we used light blue drapes at the back wall and entrance. Blue ribbons were used for the chairs.

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There were many kinds of flowers present which were important to emphasize the chosen colour palette. The blue flowers are roses and hydrangeas, while the white ones are roses, tulips, baby’s breath, Casablanca lilies, and carnations. A dash of pink roses were placed here and there to make it sweeter. The flower arch at the front where the bride and groom say their vows were made up of blue and pink flowers. This was done so it would be different than the rest of the area.

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Victor and Marina would like the guests to help them capture the wedding moments. So we put up a sign asking the guests to upload the photos on Instagram with the special tag “#victormarina”. In this way, photos can be shared with everyone.

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Another simple yet stunning wedding decoration brought to you by Butterfly.



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