Paris, J’Adore



Have you ever heard someone who is about to get married or who has gotten married say that they do not know more than half of the guests in their wedding? Usually this is because the parents have taken most of the invitation quota to invite their friends. It is true in most cases that a wedding party is just as important for the bride and groom as it is for the parents and thus making big celebrations the most preferred style. While it’s rare for Butterfly to decorate an intimate wedding, we recently had the chance to do it, and we just want to tell you how much we loved doing it!


Suryanto and Lynny had a reception at Rasa restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta. The theme for this wedding is Paris because they both love the city of romance. Why is Paris called the “City of Love”, you ask? The answer lies in its sights, its native language (which also widely known as the language of love), and its popularity as a honeymoon destination because the city exudes love at every corner, making everyone feel giddy with a warm feeling.


To pour out the heart of Paris into the venue was fun on its own. We spread many French elements throughout the wedding, starting with the photo booth. It is a French dessert shop which sells cakes like macaroons and sweets. The bridal stage has a mini Eiffel tower in the background with twinkling lights so it looks like it is set in Paris at night. The choice of soft colours help with the romantic and intimate mood such as pink, soft pink, and white, which is a reflection of Lynny’s gentle persona.


The uniqueness in this wedding, and our proudest piece, is at the VIP table where we made a hanging terrarium. We placed many different types of flowers and hanging candles. We decorated the table with French icons such as the country’s flag and mini Eiffel tower. All the details were simply… j’adore!



You don’t really have to go to France to get that Parisian atmosphere. Let Butterfly make it come true for you.