Living the Medieval Fantasy


Every girl growing up watching Disney fairy tale movies must have dreamt about having a wedding fit for a princess with a Prince Charming of their own. Years flew by then came along Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Game of Thrones, which are reminders of the magic and mystery, and castles and princes. Suddenly, that dormant longing from childhood awakes, and a wedding with such theme may not be such a bad idea. So, HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Here are some inspirations for an enchanting wedding.


For a wedding like this, everything is in the details. Let’s start with the venue. An outdoor wedding is probably the most suitable, but keep in mind that a garden or a small woods is preferable. This is because we need lots of trees, and as we all know, the Earth was mostly still green in medieval times. Not only that, the forest gives that magical atmosphere. However, if the wedding is indoors then make sure a lot of trees are placed inside. Otherwise, the venue can be decorated as such that it looks like the inside of a castle with rock walls, tapestries, ancient chandeliers, and medieval furniture.



The banquet (that is what they call the reception) should be lavish using long tables. The dishes should be gold plates, gold goblets, crystal glass, and gold cutlery. Don’t forget nice serviettes with gold trimmings. The tables can be decorated with candles and flower bouquets. The bridal stage can be set of course, like a throne with carpets and huge old chairs.


Speaking of flowers, there are some growing in medieval times which can still be found today such as Apothecary’s rose, White Rose of York, Lily, Iris, Marigold, Daisies, Foxgloves, Cowslip, Peony, and Snowdrop.


Other decoration ideas can also be swords, lanterns, old maps, and twigs. Why not arrive at the venue in a horse drawn carriage? Have a dragon statue guarding the entrance. Have a band playing the bagpipes and flutes. Transport yourself and your guests to the time of kings and queens and dragons and knights! You can be as over the top as you want with this theme because the bigger the better!