Stellar Wedding


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What could be better than celebrating your special night under the stars? Imagine you dance your night away under the stars and spend the rest of your night stargazing with your chosen one.


A wedding theme reliving the starry night is totally romantic and glamorous at the same time. It’s quite a versatile theme too. You could stay simple with the decoration using dark blue and white color palette with metallic silver or gold accents, or you could incorporate another details revolve around star-themed finds and constellation inspired decorations. To have a rooftop party is also another unique idea to elevate the star themed wedding with a more laid-back style.


It is always a better idea to have a party under the open sky with the real sparkling stars, but sometimes the weather will make it impossible to enjoy those beautiful stars because it’s whether too cold, too hot, too windy or too cloudy. But you may not have to worry too much, because you could always bring the outside in. Thanks to the lightings to make this possible! From string lights, LED lights to a more advanced technology such star projector, there’s no way your guests could not experience the night sky indoor.



The stars are the main attraction to this theme, but there are a lot of things you could put into this starry night wedding if you want to be as detailed as possible. From the astronomically gorgeous wedding invitation, star-shaped garlands, to the astrological signs or constellation as table names.




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It’s a theme any bride could pull off. You just need to stretch your creativity capabilities to infinity and beyond, and the experience to spend a night in an utterly swoony atmosphere is worth every effort. Have fun waltzing under the stars!