Love from the Deep Blue Sea


Let’s dive into the world of under-the-sea for a moment. Many would agree that they have a soft spot for the sea. How could you not? There’s something so comforting about overlooking the ocean view and tasting the sea salt. It can even make the toughest of hearts smile.


For the sea lover in you, we’ve got an underwater fantasy themed wedding up our sleeves. There’s actually a few ways you could go with this theme. You could either go with the more elegant and theatrical feel or the chill vibe of the sandy ocean. Either way, we’ve got some tips for you here that could work for both.


Obviously for the bride you should maybe opt for a mermaid style of dress. If you want to have a little more fun with the wedding gown, you could add blue accents to it. And even have your groom wear a blue colored suit. Also, have your bridesmaids wear an underwater colored dresses of blue or green hues.



Flowers are always a definitely must for weddings. In this case, you can incorporate under the sea colors such as turquoise, ocean blue, pink and yellow. You can have the flowers displayed in vases as centerpieces to the tables as well.



One option is to use tall centerpieces for this theme as it will look similar to giant corals of the sea. Throw in a few candlelight to amplify the impact. This will create a soft glow to the serene atmosphere. Or you could add in pieces such as starfish, sands, seashells and etc as centerpieces which will create a more laidback atmosphere. Also try to use blue elements everywhere. It can be as simple as adding the tone on the dinnerware, napkins, signage and etc.


Now if you really want to impress your guests, you could use blue uplighting to replicate the ocean floors. This will create a magical night. Just envision how captivating it will look, transforming the wedding venue to a completely underwater world.


Whichever angle you decide to take with this theme, it will definitely take people’s breath away.