Have you gotten enough of our wooden panels? Because we haven’t. Continue reading


Comfort in Wood

We really don’t have a preference when it comes to decorating. Big or small, we try our best to make the venue look nice. But intimate weddings… Continue reading


Anger Management

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t marry someone if you haven’t seen them with a slow internet connection. Ha! It’s weird, we know. But isn’t the accuracy uncanny? Slow internet connection can indeed awaken the Mr. Hyde in all of us.  Continue reading


Watercolor Wedding Theme

Source : greenweddingshoes.com

If you’re looking into styling your wedding this year, how about considering the watercolored theme that’s fast becoming a favorite? It’s colorful, invigorating, and lively. It can be feminine yet artistic at the same time. Continue reading


Whimsical Elements

Source : bellethemagazine.com

If you’re looking for inspiration to come up for a whimsical wedding, tickle your inner child and go back to your childhood. You’ll come up with ideas like fairy, butterfly, ballerina, secret garden, and many more. Continue reading