Autumn Swoon

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about autumn colors? I bet it’s the brown-orange-reddish from the dried and fallen leaves, right? But autumn colors aren’t just around orange and brown hues. In fact, there are many options of color combination that will create a perfect palette for your wedding. Creating color scheme is essential to wedding planning. That’s why we’ve picked some color combinations with the help of Pantone color systems to inspire you.

The Spicy Hot Chocolate Mix

Nothing beats the coziness of drinking warm and spicy hot chocolate while gazing at a pile of dried and fallen leaves. To get this palette, use the combination of Cocoa Bean (19-1220 TPX), Cayenne Pepper (18-1448 TPX), and Star Anise (15-1147 TPX).

The Early Winter Chill

Autumn is the transition season. Winter is slowly approaching and you may want to preserve this short beautiful moments in your color palette using the colors of early winter chill such as Thunder Storm (18-000 TPX), Patch of Sky (16-4120 TPX), and Cloud Cover (13-000).

The Lavender Glow

Create the deep autumn feel by using the combination of colors inspired by the lovely Lavender. To get the palette, use Magenta Geode (18-1619 TPX), Lavender (15-3817 TPX), and Old Mauve (17-1610 TPX)

The Fruitful Combination

The colors of deep autumn quite reminds us of some plump, deeply-toned autumn fruits. Combination of Barbados Chery (19-1757 TPG), Mulberry (17-3014 TPX) and Red Plum (19-2025 TPX) could be a swoon color palette for your autumn wedding.

The Riverside Serenity

The Pantone Institute launched its Fall 2016 palette and introduced its newest color of blue, which is Riverside (17-4028 TCX). For a calming yet still has the feel of autumn charm, you can pair with Spicy Mustard (15-0952 TCX).

Now you have found the inspiration from these color combinations which perfect for autumn. It’s easy to pull together, just combine your favorite shades to create an effortlessly romantic look for your autumn wedding.




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