Sweet Pastels

Did you know that pink is the color of unconditional love and a sign of nurturing? It really is. Now, how appropriate is that color scheme for a wedding? Continue reading


Yo Ho! A Pirates Life For Me!

How many moms out get excited and jittery at the same time nearing their son’s birthday? Can we get a show of hands out here?  Continue reading


Dramatic Elegance

Dramatic (adj) : attracting attention, causing people to carefully listen, look, etc.

Elegance (n) : tasteful richness of design or ornamentation  Continue reading


Marriage on your mind?

So you’re sure that she’s the one and you want to ask her to spend forever with you. Here are 10 of our most romantic marriage proposal ideas, inspired by some of our friends and clients: Continue reading

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Center of Attention

When decorating for a large wedding, we usually put emphasis on the wedding center stage. It’s the “throne” where the bride and groom will stand as King and Queen of the day on the happiest day of their lives. The center stage should, therefore, be made as beautiful and attractive as possible. Continue reading

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