Marriage on your mind?


If you like the idea of public proposals:

1. Love going to the movies? Have the movie theater run an ad (or a clip that you have prepared in advance) before the movie begins.

2. Love karaoke? Get up on stage, sing a song with “will you marry me” in it and present her with a ring after you are done.

3. Arrange for a flashmob at her office. Then come out at the finale with a ring in your hand.

4. Run an ad on her favorite magazine with a proposal.



If you like the idea of an intimate proposal:

5. Light candles from the entrance all the way to her room, where you have filled it with hundreds of her favorite flower. Make sure the candle trails leads to the circle surrounding the ring.

6. Take her to at the place where you first met and propose there.

7. Ask the pastry chef at your favorite restaurant to write “will you marry me” with chocolate sauce on her dessert plate.

8. Make the ring a selection at the dessert tray of her favorite restaurant.

If you like the idea of an outdoors proposal:

9. If you are divers, take her to the bottom of the sea and show her the bottom of your heart filled with love for her.

10. Take her for a run and place “will you marry me” signs along your track. Arrange for your friends and family to wait at the end of the track when you present her with the ring.

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