Center of Attention

When decorating for a large wedding, we usually put emphasis on the wedding center stage. It’s the “throne” where the bride and groom will stand as King and Queen of the day on the happiest day of their lives. The center stage should, therefore, be made as beautiful and attractive as possible.


There are a few deciding factors that should be considered when making the wedding center stage. Two questions that we usually go by are:

Where is the venue and how big is it? Naturally a wedding center stage needs to be scaled to fit and blend in perfectly in the venue of your choice. The ceiling height needs to be considered to determine the size of the stage.

What is the wedding theme? Will you have a traditional or modern style wedding? Specify the colors that will complement you wedding dress and your suit. After all, you might be standing there for a while, you need to blend in naturally and perfectly.


We always make sure that the wedding center stage be made as beautiful as possible to be worthy of being the center of attention. Its overall design will determine the whole look of weddings, and that’s why we never discount our efforts on it.

Here are a few of our favorite wedding center stages. Which one is yours?



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