Celebration of Love

When two hearts intertwine with the true love vow, it is a call for celebration. For Andrianto and Juliana, it meant a night of celebration with their beloved ones, as they were also the witnesses of their love. Taking place at Pullman Ballroom, Andrianto and Juliana’s wedding was a true once in a lifetime moment, wrapped with the combination of purple and fuchsia to add the sweet yet elegant ambiance. A night to remember it was, something that was really called as a celebration of love.

Two of the special details at Andrianto and Juliana’s wedding were center stage and the rabbits. These were the couple’s special requests. The center stage was so stunning with purple color and dangling flowers, with the customized crown carving on top of it. Not to mention, the beautiful and grand mirror details. The rabbits; stuffed ones of course, not the real one; were also a special request, placed as the details for the photobooth. Who says glamour and cuteness cannot go together?


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