Flowers to Fall in Love With

Have you ever been to a wedding where flowers were not in sight? Most likely never. They play such a crucial role in the aesthetics of a wedding. There are millions of ways you can utilize them into your fairy tale wedding, especially if you are planning a fall wedding.


The color palette for a fall wedding should be warm toned such as orange, red and yellow. You can do so much with your centerpieces, for instance, yellow flowers can be used to represent the changing season which is perfect for a fall environment. You can also start off by using warm colored flowers around the venue and even using pumpkins as vase alternatively. Or, you could paint mason jars in neutral colors and fill it in with fresh flowers.


Bringing in tree branches for the venue will also be beautiful alongside floating candles and fresh flowers. Or even blending in skinny tree branches with flowers in a vase to add touches of sophistication and elegance. It will act as a perfect for a fall wedding.


Mixing up fresh flowers with succulents seem to be a trend nowadays. They are available all year round so it will not be difficult trying to get your hands on them. You can place them in rustic baskets for as an ice breaking centerpiece. You can also fill large vases with various types of citrus fruits and flowers, it will create a fresh and vibrant atmosphere on the table.


For the d├ęcor, incorporate ark orange flowers with ribbons and foliage combined around the venue. Not to forget, the popular trend of having a floral backdrop. That will be the perfect background for a photo op for your guests.



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