Lush and Lavish Hydrangeas


Choosing wedding day flowers can be tricky. But, have you heard of hydrangeas?  They can be found in a rainbow of watercolor shades. From bright white, cream, pale blue, to green, lilac, even pink in nearly every shade. It’s an easy option to match your color palette.

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Have you gotten enough of our wooden panels? Because we haven’t. Continue reading


Comfort in Wood

We really don’t have a preference when it comes to decorating. Big or small, we try our best to make the venue look nice. But intimate weddings… Continue reading


One Wedding, Different Styles

Do you know what we love most about Indian weddings beside the vibrant colors? The fact that we can do many different styles for a single wedding.  Continue reading


Happy Sweet Seventeen!

Turning seventeen is such a big deal for teenagers here in Indonesia (and everywhere else in the world too, actually.) It’s the age they are finally legally recognized. At seventeen, they are no longer considered a minor and are eligible to vote Continue reading