Lush and Lavish Hydrangeas


Choosing wedding day flowers can be tricky. But, have you heard of hydrangeas?  They can be found in a rainbow of watercolor shades. From bright white, cream, pale blue, to green, lilac, even pink in nearly every shade. It’s an easy option to match your color palette.

On a more sentimental note, hydrangea symbolizes vanity and boastfulness, perhaps reflecting its abundance of petals and lavish rounded shape. It also expresses earnestness, perseverance, and conveys true and heartfelt emotion. Every meaning this particular bloom carries makes it the perfect reason to have it at weddings.


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Hydrangeas are the fluffy kind flowers. It only takes a few stems of hydrangea to create a beautiful arrangement. You can use them alone so you’ll get more blooms for your money. But they’re also adorable when mixed with other flowers. When combined with leaves, hydrangeas look fuller and are gorgeous as hand bouquets for bride or bridesmaids. When you tie ribbons to wrap around the stems, you will get perfect delicate bouquet with a nice finishing touch.

Want a romantic touch on the ceremony arch? Hydrangeas wedding arch décor add beauty to the ceremony. Who wouldn’t love exchanging vows under such pretty set?


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If you’re looking for extra elegant centerpieces, lush hydrangeas are not only elegant but also stunning. Try arranging them in varies of level to create more dramatic feeling to the space.


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You can also find more creative ways to include these enchanting flowers at your wedding. Your wedding cake can look even more perfect with hydrangeas on them. They may not be edible but your patissier can squeeze some sugar icing in the shape of hydrangeas onto your cake. Your stationary can also use hydrangeas, especially if they’re your primary wedding flower. Use them on your wedding invitation, for instance, as preview to the guests of what to expect at the wedding day.

Have fun playing with those lush blooms!




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