Rustic Allure


The Western style has influenced the weddings of many couples from around the world for many years. The royal or classical wedding themes used to be a favorite as they exude a feeling of grandeur. However, a theme that is gaining popularity these days is rustic. Rustic comes from Latin rus meaning “the country”. When we talk about a rustic wedding, it means having simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside, and the marriage celebration of William and Caroline had just that.

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A rustic theme is usually signified by some rosy pastels such as pink, coral, and blush. However, since the bride was not too keen on those colors, we gave it a little twist by using a color palette inspired by hydrangeas – the flowers used in the décor – which are soft blue, white, and ivory. Other different types of flowers emphasized the color scheme, for example, white lilies and pink and white roses.

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William and Caroline couldn’t have picked a better venue for their chosen wedding theme. The walls and floors in Rasa restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel truly helped with the theme as terra-cotta is one of the major elements in a rustic wedding. Another important component is natural colored wood which we used in the forms of picture frames, candlesticks, and flower holders. There is also a wall in the restaurant that is made of rows of dark wood. As white is essential in a wedding, we also placed white furniture around the room.

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William and Caroline have proven to be a committed couple who has survived a long distance relationship. Although they were still in the same country, they were living on different islands. For anyone in love, distance, even if only a few hours drive away to a different city, can be extremely unbearable. We, at Butterfly, felt happy to witness the end of that long distance and the start of their new lives together.


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