Unique Succulents


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Wedding and flowers are inseparable for some people. But if you’re not really into flowers, or perhaps you wanted to try something beyond the usual flower arrangements, lushes and greeneries, you can try succulents. But hold on, have you ever heard of succulent? Well, for some of you who isn’t aware of these unique plants, let us tell you what they are and why they make a great alternative to flower arrangements at your wedding.


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Succulents are a group of plants that store water in their leaves and that makes the leaves thick and fleshy. Succulents don’t need that much of water like any other plant to survive. And since most succulents prefer warm waters, they make a great decoration for your summer wedding.

Now how can you use succulents creatively in your wedding and create the amazing decoration? To use succulents as centerpieces would be the first and main way to get the benefit of these plants. Gather different kinds of succulents, in different height, style, and colour to add dimension to your tables and focus points. Throw some pebbles and twigs and you got yourself a pretty rustic feel with minimal effort.


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Another way to use succulents is to giveaway as wedding favors for the guests. Choose the teenie-tiny succulents planted in attractive pots, put twine around them and hang a “thank you” tags on them. It’s easy, handy in size, and will last for months. It’s such a fabulous way, and eco-friendly too, to honor your guests with something they can bring into their home.


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You can also create a cute hand bouquet out of succulents. Yes, a hand bouquet. Do the mix and match. Arrange the bouquet with the succulents and some pretty blooms, leaves, or even cottons for a more whimsical touch. Everyone’s eyes will be glued to the showstopping bouquet of yours!


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Need to be inspired for hairdo, perhaps? Smaller sized succulents can make a cute hairpiece. Whether you’d have an up do or down do, half up or half down, you can’t resist not to put the succulent hairpiece on your head. It’s great for the bride and the bridesmaids. And for the groom and his groomsmen, succulent boutonnieres can be very charming.


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Now you know that succulents are also great for wedding decoration, the ways to use them are beyond limit. You can always be very creative using succulents, get those juices of ideas flowing and get ready to be amazed!


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