Exude a Romantic and Dramatic Ambience


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Have you ever thought about incorporating a Twilight theme into the wedding of your dreams? Not literally in the form of fangs and werewolves though. But moulding a venue to look similar to the wedding scene in Twilight. But, err sorry we can’t invite Edward Cullen though.


Photo Source : Pinterest.com

How to make the scene come alive you ask? It should involve nature, think forest. Hanging flowers and leaves cascading from the ceilings would look impeccable. You should try to use white flowers, lots of greens like ferns and moss. Big tip? In the movie they used lilacs, ranunculus, sweet pea, delphiniums and viburnums and etc.

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Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Also incorporate woodland with branches and trees into the venue. Install those hanging lights which can really transform any mediocre venue. You want your guests walking into the venue really feeling like they’ve stepped into the Twilight world. And maybe you can install smoke machines to dramatize the walking-in part. Imagine stepping through the wedding hall looking all mysterious and just straight up cool, with the wind in your hair. Nah just kidding, that would be too much.



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Add things like firefly jars, wild flowers, wooden signage, woodland animal figurines and etc all over the wedding reception. For the color palate, utilize natural and earthy colors like white, green and brown. Everything is supposed to have this I’m-not-trying-hard vibe. But instead a very laidback and chill atmosphere.


Photo Source : Pinterest.com

There’s no wonder why forest weddings are super in right now. It’s so mysterious and breathtaking. Get going, and plan the wedding that will make your guests believe they are really attending your wedding in the forest.