A Charming Fete

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There’s nothing like a beautiful destination wedding to bring everyone’s spirits in full height right?

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Being able to travel to a different city just to get married at is one way to create a memory of a lifetime. Especially having all of your closest family and friends to witness the union of marriage. It’s not just going to be a remarkable experience for the bride and groom but those in attendance too. Dito and Neny were lucky enough to celebrated their perfect wedding day at the beautiful Banyan Tree Ungasan in Bali.

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Dito and Neny had such an incredible, beautiful and natural backdrop of the aqua blue waters and the white sandy beach for the ceremony. They wanted the decorations to be quite low key and the background to speak more volume. The main color tones used were cream, gold, and peach. We loved how pastel colors were infused to the flower bouquets to create a soft yet breathtaking pop of color for a slight contrast.

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They decided to host a sit down and formal wedding for their friends and family. This way they were able to have a more intimate affair allowing guests to converse properly with one another. Even when it came to their centerpieces, they only had one main candle holders in between the tables and just flowers.

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To pay tribute to their Chinese heritage, a Double Happiness symbol installed on a wall as part of their matrimony. At the reception, there was a table that displayed Dito and Neny’s photographs which enabled guests to gush over their printed sweet moments.

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The couple ended their evening with the view of Bali’s waters next to a cliff. On top of that, there were hanging lights decked out over the top of the area creating a picturesque moment that will be remembered for years to come.


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