Bold and Beautiful 3-Day Celebration

If anyone has seen Bollywood movies, then they will know Indians do not do things half-heartedly. They put a huge amount of effort to entertain others. This philosophy also extends to all aspects of their lives, which includes marriages. Therefore, we at Butterfly did not take decorating our Indian friends’, Abhishek and Niranjini, wedding lightly.

The whole celebration was spread over three days in Bali in Ayana. The first event was a cocktail dinner to welcome everybody. The ballroom was decorated in all white using a modern and rustic theme. It was simple, but the white fabric, floor, stage, trees, and flowers already contributed to the grandness.

The next day was where the mehendi ceremony took place. It was an outdoor garden soirée, and it was beautiful. The sun was shining and the air was clean, thanks to the magic of Bali. Since this part of the wedding was more for the ladies, we focused on bright and girly atmosphere. As you can see, the color pallet was pastel: mint green, peach, and ivory. We erected a canopy with sheer white fabric, so everyone could still see the clear blue sky and feel the breeze as it flutters in the wind. We provided soft cushions and ottoman to sit on as the activities were done close to the floor, so it felt intimate and relaxed.

On the last day before the wedding ceremony was sangeet with a Moroccan theme, which comes from Morocco, a country on the Northern part of Africa. Morocco is composed of many African tribes, and when you combine them all together, you get a kaleidoscope of colorful and unique art forms. That is why in Abhishek and Niranjini’s wedding, you see bright purple and gold, intricate lines, and that exotic African vibe. Meanwhile, for their wedding ceremony, they had a bohemian copper and gold theme.

It is nice to see when couples use the influence of other cultures than their own in their wedding. It shows open-mindedness and appreciation of all the beauties in the world. For us the decorators, it gives us a chance to be creative and expand our knowledge.


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