Three Blissful Days


Nikki and Arvind had a three-day long wedding gala to celebrate their union of love. It was nothing short of spectacular and we loved helping them execute the wedding of their dreams into a reality. They wanted it to be split into three days so that they can it would not be too overwhelming and that they can properly enjoy each part of their journey to tying the knot.

The first day for their afternoon tea and Mehendi, it was held at the Conrad. It was an outdoor event with the main ceremony held under a big gazebo. We decorated it following the main color scheme of red. It was very traditional yet playing tribute to the Balinese culture of having some wood presence.


The third and final day was their wedding reception. The theme was a royal wedding with color schemes using gold, yellow, peach and mainly light tones. The flowers used were beautiful tulips and roses as they wanted to keep things really sophisticated. Their centerpieces were also kept to the minimum with just a few candlelight and one main bouquet.