Less Could Be More


Flowers mostly considered as the main decorative element when it comes to style a wedding. Flowers are not only adding colors but also transforming the venue into an incredibly pretty space. Flowers are perfect to create the romantic atmosphere, the pretty blooms swoon everyone.

Wedding and flowers are meant to be together, but wedding without flowers or with only a little amount of them could also be a beautiful one. You or your fiancé might not a big fan of roses and others, but that doesn’t mean you could not have a wonderful wedding decoration.


There is a lot of ways to create a pretty wedding decoration using minimum amount of flower or no flower at all. Lush and greenery are your first best option. They’re more affordable than flowers and would make any wedding looks chic. The key is to choose the right lush and place them in the right place.


What about greenery garlands? Put them on the ceiling to live up the atmosphere of the venue. They can also be a great backdrop for your photogenic spots for your guests taking their selfies. Arrange the lushes and create a green chandelier to give an elegant feel. Add a nice finishing touch to your wedding car by hanging the greenery garland on the back side. oak-branch-centerpieces-greenery-fall-wedding-1-600x414

If you want to add other elements beside the greenery and lush but still want the nature’s look, use the advantages of other decorative items such as log slices or twigs and branches. Succulents in different sizes and styles can be an option too, put them as centerpieces and your tables will look just as pretty as tables with flower centerpieces.


If you don’t want too much of nature’s look, decorative items such as candles might be a good choice. Lit them up and you got yourself a more intimate and romantic ambiance. If the wedding happens to be something more thematic and fun, ribbons, balloons or paper windmills totally can replace the role of flowers.



Now if you’re thinking of having a wedding with only a few of flowers or totally go with no flower at all, you don’t have to worry. Your wedding can still look amazing if you really think it through. Have fun!




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