Long vs Round Table

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Do you see yourself as a classic woman or a modern gal? It could be the deciding factor  on which type of table you choose for your wedding reception. You could go with the timeless round table that can’t do any wrong. Or you could go with the contemporary feel of the long table. All of this of course depends on your own taste, vision and budget. If you’re confused, let’s start with weighing in the pros and cons of using these tables.  



Long tables give you the ease to play around with the centerpiece of the table, scattering smaller pieces along, whereas in round tables it’s usually one large one. If you want to create an intimate yet relaxing ambiance, long table is a better choice since it fosters a similar feel of sitting at a family dinner table.


You can fit more people with long tables if you have a big wedding venue. But despite all of those, guests can be limited to speaking with only those seated across and next to them. Also, leaving and going back to seats may be troublesome, not to mention that guests’ knees may end up bumping into each other.


On the other side, round tables are more widely used. So many venues will offer this sort of tables in variant sizes. Table linens for round tables are cheaper and more widely available. The shape of this kind of table makes it easier for guests to move around and socializing as they can see one another more clearly.



But, the downside of this, seating chart will be a lot more complicated because you are forced to group your guests into each table accordingly. Also because of the shape, round tables take up more room in the venue. You need to reconsider your choice if you’ve got yourself a quite long guest list.


Now hopefully, you have a slightly better idea on which tables could work well for you. It really depends on what you like. The angles and straight edges of the long tables can really modernize the feel of the venue. While the traditional look of the round table is best suited for those who like a classic vibe. Just keep in mind to consider other determining factors such as the cost, location and guest list too. But other than that, there definitely isn’t a right or wrong choice.



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