Love is an open rustic door


Have you seen doors as decoration? Especially doors that are standing alone and not part of the structure. It’s quickly becoming a trend and here we’re presenting how you could get creative dressing up the rustic wedding with rustic doors.


When we’re talking about wedding decorative items, it seems like there’s no limit for our creativity to make something out of anything. We’ve seen trees, bookshelves, treasure chest, and windows as unique decorative items. A door can be used as, well, a door. But if you’re using door as a decorative entrance to the isle, a door tells something more beyond its function as an entrance.



Door has a meaningful symbol of life that represents new hope and opportunity. When a door is used as a ceremony entrance, it provokes the symbolism. What could be better than seeing a happy newlywed couple walks through the doors welcoming their new beginnings with hope and joy.


Now let’s talk about other use of doors. Because doors are big in size, you can use it as photo backdrop. Dress them with flowers arrangement in any style, whether it’s in tall vase or trail all over the door. The latter will create a more natural touch to your rustic element. Put a bench or drawer chest next to them and you’ve set your pretty inviting photo backdrop.


Vintage doors are also great place to display your photographs from your pre-wedding session. Find an empty space and write down your special messages (or your favorite quotes) to make it very personal.

Rustic doors are great decoration items but you need to consider the venue of your wedding party. They’re great for outdoor party, at the ranch or garden, but it may not be a good choice if you’re having an indoor party in a venue that has quite low ceiling.


Now you’ve fed yourself with some ideas of using rustic doors for your rustic wedding theme. It’s time to open the door for your creativity to create your dream wedding!



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