Let it Glow


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Candles have a romantic feel to them, so incorporating candles into your wedding will give a passionate ambiance.



As decorations, candles are pretty for centerpieces on tables, to light the way to the reception area, to welcome the guests at the entrance or to create a warmer touch along the aisle. The glow from the candles will assure you an enhanced mood at your wedding.



As centerpieces, candles are not only an important focal point, but also help set the theme. Thus, adding your personality will be perfect for this.


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Arrange pillar candles in graduated sizes with mixed floral arrangements for romantic table settings.


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If you want more dramatic touch, use empty bottles as tapers holders and let them melt to create a very messy yet beautiful feel.

Floating candles can never go wrong, especially if you submerged something below the candles, like pebbles, flowers, pearls, or even twigs.


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For a classic wedding, using candelabra is an extravagant way to bring the old-centuries back.


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Elevate your decorations with hanging candles and they will bring a whimsical and magical feel that everyone would love to stare.

For a warm outdoor glow, use branches to hang vintage Mason jars with tea light. Votive candles inside classic lanterns are also great for outdoor wedding décor.


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Now that you’re enlightened with adorable ideas, you can choose the best way to place your candles and enjoy the flickering flame.