Burlaps to Beautify


Have you heard about burlap? Well, get ready to fall in love with one of our favorite fabrics. Take notes if you could, because we’re sharing a round-up of ideas in using burlap on your wedding decoration.

Burlap is  a dense woven fabric. It has historically been produced as a coarse fabric, but more recently it is being used in a refined state known simply as jute as an eco-friendly material for bags, rugs and other products.


It is a versatile fabric that can be used in weddings to add to the décor or as nice little touches; just use it like you would any ordinary fabric. The best theme to use burlap for is rustic, but it does not mean you can’t use it otherwise. Here is where you can use burlap in a wedding.


First, why not add burlap fabric in your invitation? It will look especially handmade, and therefore more personal.


Second, use burlap as table cloths or ribbons for your napkins on your dining table. Make a pouch out of burlap to hold your cutlery. Burlap ribbons can also be used to wrap vases or candles. It can be ribbons for the dining chairs as well.



Next, you can wrap your flower bouquets with burlap and tie it with a string or a ribbon in different materials. For the walls, burlap can be turned into curtains or banners to hang on the wall.


If you are worried about the colour, actually burlap can be mixed with many colours such as white, lilac, blue, orange, and green.


So if you want a rustic wedding or a vintage one, burlap is a good choice. It is eco-friendly as it is reusable and made of natural materials. They can turn a wedding into something chic and elegant and can be mixed with different materials. Why don’t you try it out?